Poetry of Provocation and Witness from Split This Rock: Poem # 14

Greetings from the War
I will greet you with flowers
no matter how many
bullets you bring.
I will greet you with bullets
because the flowers you greet me with
are from my garden.
I will greet you with song
though you curse me
and raise arms against me.
I will greet you with curses
because the wounded child at your feet
is my only son.
I will greet you with embraces
though the knife you carry
cuts away at my arms.
I will greet you with knives
they are made from the shrapnel
I pulled from my leg.
– Sami Miranda

Sami Miranda is an educator, poet and visual artist who makes his home in Washington, DC. His work has been published in Full Moon on K St, the Chiron Review, D.C Poets Against the War Anthology,  MiPoesias.com
and Beltway among others. He has performed at the Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian Museum of American Art, The Arts Club of Washington, GALA Theatre, and other venues. Sami curated the Sabor Sunday reading series in Washington DC, bringing two poets, a trio of musicians and two visual artists into conversation, and is currently working with DC based artists and musicians to create collaborations between the arts. He develops and facilitates interactive poetry workshops for youth and adults and holds an MFA from The Bennington Writing Seminars.

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