Contest Submissions

What We Carried: Fragments from the Cradle of Civilization is a project about leaving one’s homeland. Portland Photographer/Writer Jim Lommasson is currently photographing and interviewing Iraqi refugees and immigrants who have fled to the U.S. since 2000. This project dovetails with Lommasson’s visual and oral history of returning American soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars called Exit Wounds. 

Ruby Byrne - Everything Be Ok Already - A work in Moveable Type Print.

"Art Is Opium" by Fred Lonidier.


A Grafitti of War Project by Luis "Junior" Jurado


War Toy Protest #3 a painting by Regina Silvers


"In the Park" a painting by Regina Silvers


"Peace Plank Demonstration" a painting by Regina Silvers








A poster by Marcia Annenberg at an OWS rally.


Occupy Wall Street March photo by Natasha Mayers


Create a Peace Economy Banner photo by Natasha Mayers


99% Hay Bales photo by Natasha Mayers


Bring Our War $ Home photo by Natasha Mayers


"Dolly" a collage by Aleta Jacobson


"When I Grow Up" by Erin Holt


“Beautiful” a poem by Nahshon Cook

Four Poems by Dustin Barnes


“A Song of Peace” by Ayo Morakinyo


“The Long Now” a poem by Annmarie Sauer


Three poems by Mary Jean Chan. 


“Hickory Tree” by Valentina Gnup


“One Percent Persecuted” a poem by Kate Padilla


“The Fallen” a poem by Luis “Junior” Jurado


“For the Fifty” a poem by Philip Metres


“Untitled Day #87” a audio submission by After Music Recordings


“Many Happy Returns!” a found poem by Melanie Graham



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